Saturday 4 November 2006

Day of the Dead

here at the start of the winter feasting dancing and storytelling season...

all of us norteamericanos "should" adopt and celebrate the Day of the Dead; there are some bigass holes in our world and that holiday could help
this is a very deep festival and worthy of consideration

at there is a fascinating description of the way in which All Saints day is celebrated in Haiti...

ruth and i have been kept away from our local graveyard for a few days with radical work-demands and rainstorms

but tomorrow we'll go and spend some time with some of the Incestors from our watershed, Friday and Mary Cornstalk at their resting place in the Bow cemetary

I'll find a good picture of the two of them in life and post it here...

unschooling report:

check out calicomm 2004 ; we studied this for our dopeness module

more to follow of course...



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