Thursday 9 November 2006

People Want to Test Your Urine

A friend was telling me about taking a pre-employment pee test today...

She said:

Everytime I feel like a criminal too. I know the reasons why, but they don't let you flush the toilet (which is such an impolite thing to do), they hold your purse (heaven forbid you are a woman who needs to bring in some necessities with her) and they just overall practically are over your shoulder while you do this.

Of course i do support everyone doing what they feel they need to do in life...sometimes one may not have a choice. Gotta pay the bills!
But for myself i've had to decide that i will never voluntarily share my body chemistry statistics with an employer.

It's an unreasonable invasion and an affront to my rights. If the employer's concern is that you should do your job well, then that's very easy for those in charge to evaluate without such demeaning charades

Even if they would let me skip the test... no, it's a nightmare world where people even think up such doodoo

Anymore if i'm applying for work and the idea comes up i tell them straight off that spying on the body chemistry of citizens is a horrible idea, and i go tell whoever's in charge that also (if poss.) It is horrible! But it's fun to speak the truth

These fetchers (scuse me) will keep handing us these cups as long as we keep peeing in them!

Maybe labor unions are a good idea

And it's not going to end with your job y'know. The school district where we currently live (Burlington, WA.) insists on putting any highschoolers who want to do any extracurricular activities thru the same thing. Then from there i'm sure they don't think there's anything wrong with scanning the kids' myspace pages (which they also do) to see if they've "violated" any of the ... i can't go on !

Of course truth and i could never put our kids in any u.s. school system that cares so little for the Bill of Rights

i also won't fill out any employment applications, but that's because i thought back on it and all the jobs i've had that sucked used applications to hire, whereas all the good jobs i've had (some with a lot of responsibility) either preferred a resume or they just hired me on the spot. General rule: a business that uses a standard application form to hire is not worth spending time at.
Plus i hate writing in those little boxes! i think it's hazing

basically in those times when i may want/need a j.o.b., i look for local businesses that seem to have integrity, a mission that i can relate to, and a healthy workplace culture
life really is too short ... can't spend any more moments than absolutely necessary in a dead environment

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am checking out yer blog atm...vry did we go from "it is
ok to violate your rights against self incrimination because you pilot an
AMTRAK train and the rights of 500 passengers supercede your own individual
liberties" to..."piss in this cup so you can flip burgers at a McDonalds??"
insanity! well, at least the good folks at spectrum labs (
have tasty batches of synthetic urine for us to use...

mmmm urine!

11/11/2006 9:17 a.m.  

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