Friday 2 February 2007


Anyone considering visiting Jamaica (would include any of you who've been over to, to the "forums" section, and seen the travel photos submitted in the "touring jamaica" forum): remember that Yamfest '07 will be kicking off soon!

Visit the site of the South Trelawney Environmental Association to learn more, to learn more about Cockpit Country, and to see many photos of the past fests

If you can't attend this year, why not celebrate along with at home, with these fine South Trelawney yam products:

Dirt Nap Dip: Dirt Nap Dip combines Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, yellow yam and local spices for a taste unlike anything your mouth has ever experienced. Used as a marinade, a dip or added directly to food Dirt Nap Dip Yam-Pepper Sauce is a welcome addition to every table.

Yam Wine: Trelawny Yam Festival's Yam Wine is the lastest product from the kitchens of Cockpit Country. Combining Trelawny -grown yam with citrus and spices gives Yam Wine a unique taste. Natural fermentation gives this wine the right kick to keep you going all day.

(To order:
Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency
Phone: 876-610-0818

The 9th staging of the Trelawny Yam Festival will be held February 28 – April 9 2007!

The Festival will consist of seven separate events which culminate on Easter Monday (April 9). These events are the Schools Competition (February 28), The Farmer’s Field Celebration (March 7), the Trelawny 1/2 Marathon (March 18), the King and Queen Pageant (March 25), the 50K Cycle Race (April 1), Grand Yam Festival Day (April 9) and a Beach Volleyball Tournament (April 22).

2000 King and Queen Pageant Contestants

The schedule coincides with Cricket World Cup, to be held in the Caribbean in March and April of 2007.

The purpose of the 2007 Trelawny Yam Festival is to provide an avenue for communities in the Parish of Trelawny (including the larger Cockpit Country Area) to showcase themselves to the estimated 20,000 additional visitors that will be visiting Jamaica throughout the duration of Cricket World Cup while providing these visitors with an opportunity to sample authentic Jamaican culture.

Each of the six events will focus on specific communities in an effort to showcase the unique foods, products and culture each community has to offer.

Schedule of events: (see website for more info)

Cockpit Country Adventure Tours Every Day Throughout

Reggae Village February 1 Flamingo Beach, Trelawny

Trelawny Yam Festival Schools Competition & Slave Trade Abolition Celebration February 28 Westwood H.S.

Homecoming Reception March 5

Homecoming Domino Tournament March 5 Albert Town

Farmer's Field Celebration March 7 Thompson Town

Homecoming 20/20 Cricket March 7 Albert Town

Homecoming Domino Tournament March 8 Trelawny

Homecoming Ball March 9 Starfish Resort Trelawny

Fi Wi Food Feast-ival March 10 Windsor

Bi-centennial Celebration March 10

Homecoming Culture Concert & Street Dance March 11 Falmouth

Homecoming Domino Tournament Finals & 20/20 Cricket March 12 Bounty Hall/Falmouth

Trelawny 1/2 Marathon March 18 Falmouth

Trelawney Yam Festival King and Queen Pageant
March 25 Starfish Hotel

Trelawny Yam Festival 50K Cycle Race April 1 Albert Town

Grand Yam Festival Day April 9 Hague Showgrounds

TYF Beach Volleyball Tournament April 22 Burwood Beach

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