Friday 5 January 2007

Back At It

well we've returned from our wonderful whirlwind visit to the Golden State

we have pictures which we'll be able to upload soon

Highlights of the trip:

  • we were most fortunate on this trip to be able to attend 65th birthday celebrations for our Spiritual Friend, the most wondrous E.J. Gold, and to experience the perfect hospitality of his circle of friends

  • in Nevada City, CA., The Truffle Shop is a true outpost of culture... they had a hard time getting rid of us!

  • If you're ever in Sacramento, thinking "whoa. people live here! by choice!": head right over to the Steiner College in Fair Oaks, a restorative oasis, and particularly to visit Raphael Gardens...

above image courtesy of

Certainly the most wonderful place we've ever visited in the Sacramento area


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