Friday 2 March 2007

Roky Erickson

"Roky" like the boxer(s)...
I knew he was good from when i first heard of him and the name of his early band "Thirteenth Floor Elevators".

Guessed i hadn't found the right recordings tho, and he wasn't playing or touring at that time (somewhere in the 80's?)

Roky has had a lot of suffering in his life, but thankfully he is now enjoying himself and playing great music

saw him on a short video from texas last year and will never forget "Cold Night for Alligators": here's a performance video of that song from some years ago on YouTube

other Roky videos are there too, including some of recent date (Earth Day '06 Austin, 2 minute documentary, Austin '06)

in a different style check out "Night of the Vampire"

also visit his site ,

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