Thursday 1 May 2008

"More Blood!"

courtesy http://www.thecreeper.netthat's what my friend from Oslo kept saying once he heard Blood Ulmer years ago - that was "America, Do You Remember the Love?"

we've been entranced with Blood since '82, and though his music has been "hard to find" in Amerika - well as with Nina Hagen (previous post) the 'net seems to facilitate a growing appreciation of his unique work

you can find numerous stellar videos on YT
some of the kewlest stuff has been uploaded by ARSMAC1 :
Pleasure Control on Italian TV, 1987, wow!
Rush Hour, at the Dance-a-teria (!) 1980, featuring David Murray
Street Bride, on the street in Toronto, 1993. love those b&w boots he always wore ;)
A Thing for Joe, with the New Art Jazz quartet at Birdland, 2001
Timeless, Berlin 1998 - the great trio with Jamaladeen Tacuma and the *ultimate drummer* Grant Calvin Weston

dag i wish there was YouTube when i was a kid

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I&I Want to Go to Africa! (we love all of africa series)

the truly great, Nina Hagen :

(search YouTube or see our page there for more briliant videos by the CosmaDiva)

here's a great video put together by IthacaSoundSystem -
Lee "Scratch" Perry, coming from the jungle like a roaring lion

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