Tuesday 1 May 2007

A True Gem of the Web

If you like us love music, specifically if you love having your ears mind aesthetics and heart opened and fed by true Music, then you like us will be jump-up-and-down-yelling happy to discover the wonderful web adventure Pathway to Unknown Worlds

Appearing in blog format, each post (there were 30 in April, 59[!] in March) begins with some text about, and concludes with a link to download a great album or occasionally a concert film. the site's creator, a being who goes by the name of bumkuncha, has exquisite taste and a great record collection (i guess!)

here's a list of the posts from just april (obviously it's all great music--some of x-special interest to Maroon Lectroid readers are linked-to):

* Television & Patti Smith - CBGB's, New York, NY 0...
* Singers & Players Featuring Prince Far I - Stagger...
* Nour L'Koufi - Chaabi
* Johnny Cash - The German Recordings
* Captain Beefheart - Lots of videos
* Massive Attack - DJ Obi1 Mix
* Archie Shepp - Kwanza (rec.1968/69)
* Noir Désir - Des Visages des Figures (2001)
* Finaaale!
* Iggy Pop & Sonic's Rendezvous Band - Domino Club, ...
* Anouar Brahem - Astrakan Cafe (1999)
* The Replacements - Final Show 7/4/91 - Petrillo Mu...
* Joni Mitchell - Shadows And Light (Concert video) ...
* Little Axe - Champagne & Grits (2004)
* The Smiths & Morrissey - 50 Bootlegs
* Ronald Shannon Jackson - Barbeque Dog (1983) -->
* Sly & the Family Stone - Live @ Fillmore East Octo...
* The Stooges - SXSW Sessions, KEXP, 16.03.2007
* Philip Glass - 9 Works
* James Brown - Live @ Olympia Theatre Paris 1971 (V...
* Morphine - Yes (1995)
* Elvin Jones / Jimmy Garrison Sextet - Illumination...
* Ali Farka Touré - Aladdin Theater, Portland,Or 11 ...
* Prince feat. Miles Davis - 12-31-87 Paisley Park ...
* Asian Dub Foundation - Rafi's Revenge (1998)
* Pavement - Cattle Club, Sacramento CA May 19, 1992...
* Green on Red - Here Come The Snakes (1989)
* Augustus Pablo - Live 1988
*** Bootsy's Rubber Band - Live in Louisville 1978
* Dixie Chicks - Little Ol' Cowgirl (1992)

you can't get Pathway in rss, so visit regularly to avoid missing something you've been waiting forever to hear

also note that the site's Link list is extremely valuable: it seems like these must be the best music blogs on the web. if you've ever tried to use somebody's link list...you'll appreciate bumkuncha's curatorship. all are live, active sites sharing education and beautiful vibrations. actually the link list alone would make Pathway a jewel.

ok i'll tease you with the list but you have to visit the site for the links...


* A Truer Sound (Alt-Country)
* Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Bootlegs)
* Art for art's sake (Art & Music)
* Babe(b)logue (World)
* Benn loxo du taccu (Africa)
* Border Music (Avant)
* Brotbeutel (NDW & Kurioses)
* Bruunski Beats (Rock)
* Caesar Tjalbo (Soul)
* Captain's Crate (World)
* church number nine (Free Jazz)
* Cuna Del Reggae (Reggae)
* Destination:Out (Jazz)
* Distinctly Jamaican Sounds (Reggae)
* El Reza (Jazz)
* Eliminate Fear Of The Unknown (Free Jazz)
* Excentrifugal Forz (Rock)
* fullundie (Motown)
* Funhouse (Soul)
* Gravy Bread (Digest)
* Hear Rock City (Bootlegs)
* Jazzna (Jazz links)
* Kill Ugly Radio (Rock & Industrial)
* la case de l'affreux thom (Soul)
* Live Bootleg (sic)
* Loronix (Brazil)
* Maikoholic (Punk)
* Martini & Jopparelli ’s Music Selections (Groove & Soul)
* Matsuli Music (Africa)
* Metropolis (Avantgarde)
* Music Eldorado (Americana & Alt-Country)
* Music For Your Eyes (Videos)
* nausea (Bootlegs)
* no condition is permanent (Africa)
* Nuzz Prowling Wolf (Punk)
* Only In It (Punk)
* Orgy In Rhythm (Jazz)
* pharaohsdance (Jazz)
* PunchDrunk (Punk)
* Radio Free Wohlman (Transmissions)
* Ritmos & Estilos (South America)
* Rollmops (Punk)
* SaravaClub (Funk & Soul)
* Schadenfreudian Therapy (Calypso)
* Space Is The Place (Sun Ra)
* That Was Then (Rock & Folk)
* The Perfumed Garden (Peel Sessions)
* totally fuzzy (Digest)
* Twilightzone (Garage & Rockabilly)
* Up The Downstair (Live Recordings)
* Wine, Women And Song (Rock)
* You & Me on a Jamboree! (Reggae & Ska)
* young hotel foxtrot (Indie)
* Zero G Sound (Dub, Reggae, Eclectic)

appreciation and blessings to all these fine researching dj bloggers.

Once again, your new favorite music site: Pathway to Unknown Worlds

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Blogger bumkuncha said...

Wow! What a post! Thanks!
Indeed I have a big record collection, but on vinyl, which I'm really too lazy to rip. Most of the stuff I'm posting is just rareties I found over the last years on the net, mostly "relaunches" of long closed blogs or dead links.
...and the highly praised link list, well it's just the one I use personally, therefore I try to keep it "live and active" and delete dead links. It's more that I wonder why so much other music bloggers don't try to keep their link list up-to-date...

5/02/2007 12:55 p.m.  
Blogger Charlie said...

Hello, I know this is totally random, but I’m trying to get an email address for bunkuncha of nightofthepurplemoon. His(?) oustanding blog has just gone to invitation only and I’d like to keep reading it.
Thanks, Charlie

8/04/2007 10:27 a.m.  
Blogger Kan said...

Hi, Yeslah and Charlie.

Indeed facing the same problem. Any email address to contact bumkuncha...


6/05/2008 9:28 p.m.  

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